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Why not Write?

There are endless reasons why you should write. Let’s start with your unique perspective. One might ask, does the world need another love story? The short answer is yes!

Each writer brings with them lived experiences which colour his or her stories with shades of joy, pain and triumph. It is our unique position that enables us to spin tales that only we can tell.

Dominican writer Jean Rhys famously took the classic English novel Jane Eyre and flipped it on its head. In her version -Wide Sargasso Sea she gives a voice to a previously marginalized character by taking an established narrative and inviting the reader to look at it with fresh eyes.

"The take away here is that your voice matters."

And if that does not inspire you; write because it’s fun. A true writer knows that writing is one of the most fulfilling things a person can do. Sharing our crafted stories is part of what makes us human. It gives us space to capture the beauty of life, and an outlet to express out highs and lows. It is a place to let our imagination run free, and to reflect on lives well lived.

There has never been a better time to write, and to write abundantly.

At The National Cultural Foundation, we are here to support you in your literary journey. We invite you to support our initiatives as we build a stronger community together.

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