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The Tale of a Queen Conch and a Peacock Flounder.

Part of the Turtle Tracks Family series of fun, fact-filled books. The series is designed to raise environmental awareness, encouraging children to learn while having fun. The author is also an artist and has illustrated each of her books using watercolour and pen. Unique plush toys of the main characters have been created by the author and are available with each book in the series.  ‘Discussion Facts’ offer additional information to older children and adults and are a useful teaching aid.

Calypso Conch The tale of a queen conch and a peacock flounder by Sue Trew

Join Calypso the queen conch and her friend Blink the peacock flounder on their exciting adventures on the seafloor. How many eggs will Calypso lay? Will a giant humpback whale swallow her babies? How long will it take for the tiny conchs to grow their beautiful shells?

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