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Big, Bad Rain And Other Poems in Your Ear

Big, Bad Rain And Other Poems in Your Ear


Linda M. Deane

“...The big, blue sky looks black, rain clouds gathering in the gap....hear Mekhele joke, we’re gonna need a boat in all of this rain...Chhh!!! BIG, BAD RAIN!” These are poems that sing in the mouth and dance in the ear — designed expressly for reading aloud and sharing with others. The poems fall into three segments: Places, Spaces deals with nature and our familiar, though sometimes very strange, environment. Section 2 is Me, My Many Selves & I which looks at everyday life from a child’s perspective, while poems in Section 3, Dream Worlds, deal with dreams, magic and make-belief. The collection targets 7 to 11 year-olds but there is poetry for younger and older ears, too. Big, Bad Rain won Silver at Barbados’ National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) in 2017, and features a Summer Storyteller reading & creative writing guide for parents and Language Arts teachers."


Poetry, Children's/Middle Grade

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