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Writers' Clinic Slides

Writers' Clinic is an online training workshop for writers at all levels. Click the thumbnail to view the slides from a clinic. 

Writers Clinic - Kerry A Belgrave - social-01.png

Poetic Imagery

Presentation created by 

Kerry A Belgrave

Writers Clinic - Sharon Hall - social-01.png

Writing for a Living

Presentation created by Sharon Hurley-Hall

Writers Clinic - wayne jordan - tools for Writers 2023-24-01.jpg

Tools for Writers

Presentation created by

Wayne Jordan


Digital Journalism

Presentation created by

Kerri Gooding

Writers Clinic - Michelle Cox - social-01.png

Writing in Dialect


Michelle Cox

Presentation created by

Michelle Cox

Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 9.20.12 AM (1).png

Blog Writing 101

Presentation created by 

Risee Chaderton-Charles

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