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Welcome to Bajan Bookshelf, A Land of New Stories brought to you from the imaginations of Barbadian authors.

This joint project between the NCF Business Development Department and the Cultural Development - Literary Arts Desk, aims to create awareness for Barbadian authors and their work and attract readers, agents, publishers and distribution partners.

Browse local authors and their titles in varying lengths and genres. 

Review published works to add to your store and expand your customer base. 


Discover new unpublished talent to sign and make a splash in the market.


Fantasy, Mystery, Speculative-Fiction, Graphic Novels, Creative Non-Fiction and more await you on Bajan Bookshelf. Visit us often as we add new titles and authors each month!

NB. All titles herein are available for various levels of representation, publishing, distribution and adaptation; please feel free to contact the authors using the author directory.

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