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Literature and Publishing Industry Terms. 

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Advanced Reader Copy - an early version of the book made available to influential instiutions and persons such as media outlets and critics, for possible reviews and interviews.


A digital version of a book that is formatted for display and reading on a computer screen or e-reader.


A device used to display or read e-books such as the Kindle or the Nook.


The trade name under which a publishing company publishes work. A company may have several different imprints which it uses to market different brands. Eg. HarperCollins is the publishing company and their imprints include: 

AvonBooks which publishes romance of all genres

Harlequin Enterpriees which specialises in women's fiction and romance

Haper which publishes fiction and non-fiction in all genres

William Morrow - Premier fiction and non-fiction in all genres

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