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Book Pitches

Discover new talent and stories to publish here!


Anatomy of a Mango and Other Stories

Sharma Taylor

Touching on themes of identity, love, loss, madness and triumph, this collection of short stories centers around Jamaican protagonists who are trying to make sense of their world.


Heaven Hound

Justin P. Holder

When a cult in the Belizean rainforest is slaughtered by the wolves of Heaven, the whole world seems to celebrate except one young man: Dagger, a Belize City thief desperate to reach the site of the massacre.


Gimme a Home Birth: The Birth Story I Didn't Expect

Korena Darnelle

Every birth is unique and each mother's experience is different. For some everything goes according to plan, but for others, everything seems to go wrong.



Robert R. Gibson / PassionPoet

"EROTIC" is the first book by Robert R. Gibson. It is a journey into romance and sensuality using poetry as the vehicle.


Big, Bad Rain And Other Poems in Your Ear

Linda M. Deane

“...The big, blue sky looks black, rain clouds gathering in the gap....hear Mekhele joke, we’re gonna need a boat in all of this rain...Chhh!!! BIG, BAD RAIN!”


Tall Tales From The Other Fairy Valley

Linda M. Deane

"Someone is messing with the magic of Other Fairy Valley. Residents are flying backwards, crash-landing and losing their powers of invisibility. Not good! And what’s up with the Make-Be tree?


The Forgotten Soldiers

Ross L. M. Chase

2051 AD. For the first time in the world's written history, humanity is United under one government. Its promise?: No more hunger, no more sickness, no more pain. The price: ...


The Plundering

Heather Barker

How do girls and women create lives and loves larger than the circumstances they've inherited? This is the central question of "The Plundering", my collection of short stories about black girls and women.


Atrium Fib: A Memoir of Fatherly Influence

Robert Edison Sandiford

Michael Chabon's Manhood for Amateurs meets Ta-Nehisi Coates' The Beautiful Struggle meets David Chariandy's I've Been Meaning to Tell You meets Sandra Cisneros' The House on Mango Street in Atrium Fib: A Memoir of Fatherly Influence.



Linda M. Deane

Bridgetown is a walking tour of Barbados' capital in poems. The tour guide knows his city, is keen-eyed but unpredictable.

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