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Linda M. Deane

Bridgetown is a walking tour of Barbados' capital in poems. The tour guide knows his city, is keen-eyed but unpredictable. Word is, he escaped a slave plantation once and has been an elusive spirit ever since. The poems engage with the natural and built landscape, the past and present, and confront themes such as memory, migration, rotten history, survival, and modern life. The City has its own say, too. The collection won a Frank Collymore Literary Endowment (2016) and a Prime Minister's Award for the way it captures Barbados and Barbadianness. Several of the poems have been published and appear in Bim: Arts for the 21st Century, Cordite Poetry Review, the digital anthology CAPITALS, and Bridgetown is Linda M. Deane's second poetry collection. The first, Cutting Road Blues: A Narrative, also won a Frank Collymore Award (1st prize) and a Prime Minister's Award.


Poetry: Narrative

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Available Rights:

Caribbean Region Rights, International Rights


An Agent, A Publisher (for unpublished works)


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