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Tall Tales From The Other Fairy Valley

Tall Tales From The Other Fairy Valley


Linda M. Deane

"Someone is messing with the magic of Other Fairy Valley. Residents are flying backwards, crash-landing and losing their powers of invisibility. Not good! And what’s up with the Make-Be tree? It’s down to Fairy Nuff, a no-nonsense, shak-shak wielding protector, to figure out what’s going on. But it’ll take magic from her fellow Valley dwellers and a pair of unsuspecting young humans — not to mention a killer game of air marbles — to help set the human and fairy worlds straight again. The first story in this series of modern Barbadian folktales for children takes us to a place far removed from the real Fairy Valley in Barbados — or is it? Populated with funny, super-smart and mysterious characters drawn from African, Caribbean and European folklore, each Tall Tale asks a simple universal and timeless question: What are YOU doing to make YOUR world a better place?"


Children's Prose/Middle Grade, Fantasy, Mystery, Caribbean and Barbadian folklore reimagined for young readers

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Available Rights:

Caribbean Region Rights, International Rights


An Agent, A Publisher (for unpublished works), Adaptation to audiobook format


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