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Founder/Coordinator: De Bajan Bookshop 

"More than a bookshop; it's a movement!" 

Nailah Folami Imoja/Nailah

Nailah Folami Imoja, an award-winning, Barbadian/British writer, is co-editor of So Many Islands. A teacher by day, she relies on more than three decades of teaching experience (from kindergarten teacher to university tutor) and a keen sense of humour to survive each day in the classroom. As poet, novelist, journalist and editor, Nailah has contributed significantly to the Barbadian litscape and aims to entertain and enlighten with her work. She is author of numerous novellas including Colourblind, To Protect & Serve and Fantasy Fulfilled which are available via Her greatest opus thus far is her teenaged daughter.


Action & Adventure, Children's Picture Books, Non-Fiction: Other, Romance, Young Adult

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