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A Day in the Life of Axel the Ant

Book 1 - The Pilly The Pelican Series

By Gregory Skeete


How many children's books located in the tropical settings have your young ones gotten the chance to read?


In Book 1 of this Children's Book Series, our feathered friend Pilly the Pelican, follows Axel, the industrious, engineering ant, during a typical day of his life in the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Flying-fish, coconuts, golden sandy beaches, brilliant blue skies and crystal clear seawater are all part of an action-packed day that children are sure to remember, along with Axel's good habits.


This refreshing, rhyming title contains not 5, not 10, but 20 beautiful illustrations as Axel the Ant gathers food, goes to work and relaxes on the tropical beaches after a hard day.


This award-winning book also features a section with facts about Barbados, comprehension questions and creative activities to further captivate, educate and inspire young Pilly readers while they learn lessons that will last for a lifetime.

A Day in the Life of Axel the Ant by Gregory Skeete

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