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"Beauty for your Ashes: Purpose for your Pain," is a compilation of daily reflections, challenging archaic mindsets as it relates to overcoming pain and its associated challenges. It's 'down to earth' personality makes it highly identifiable, as it assists the reader in navigating the trenches and difficulties of life. This is a work of healing by way of introspection and revelation of the journey to becoming the individual God has created you to be. Sometimes, all we need is a little help and Beauty for your Ashes is just that; help.

Beauty For Your Ashes: Purpose For Your Pain by Cherise Cave

Genre: Inspirational, Motivational, Religious

150 Pgs. | | Pub. 2021 Shelev Publishing

ISBN: 9789769651388

Adaptation Rights Available: Audiobook, Film & TV

Please contact the author (or agent if specified) to discuss obtaining rights.

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