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Book 2 in the  First People series from Ronald A. Williams, Eurydice's Song intertwines adventure, love, and danger as a husband and wife team battle to hold onto their humanity and love in a world challenged by rising sea levels and war.  


Eurydice’s Song by Ronald A. Williams

It has been ten years since American archaeologist, Andreas, reunited with his wife, Eurydice, and began happily living among the mysterious people of an unknown land hidden under the ice of Antarctica. Now everything is about to change as Eurydice, high priestess and effective ruler of the land of Tiamat, realizes that forces led by her brother, Natas, are challenging her position. Sadly, a clash seems inevitable.

Meanwhile, Natas is orchestrating conflict between the great powers in the world above the Land of Tiamat as China and the United States teeter on the brink of mutual annihilation. When Andreas is declared a criminal by Natas, Eurydice's position and her life are threatened. As Eurydice and Andreas join together to confront Natas, they must fight to survive in a chaotic and treacherous environment while attempting to save not only their love, but also the worlds above and below the ice.

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