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Free at Last

Book 3 of The Acreage Series

by Donna Every


William Edwards (The Price of Freedom and Free in the City) has been banished to Jamaica by his father, Thomas, to manage a sugar plantation after attacking his quadroon half-sister, Deborah, for the second time. The brutality of the Jamaican plantations appalls him initially, but he soon fits into the culture.Grace Fuller is a beautiful Quaker girl, whose mission is to teach their slaves to read and write before they are set free. She is disgusted by William's behaviour and wants nothing to do with him. However, when tragedy strikes in William's life it is Grace who saves him. She battles her growing feelings for him, knowing that they can never be together until he overcomes his demons and shares her faith. Will William be delivered from the demons that drive him and be free at last?


Meanwhile in Barbados, Deborah (The Price of Freedom) wishes that her parents, Thomas and Sarah (Free in the City), were as happy as she and her husband Richard are. Despite Richard’s warning about interfering in their lives, she makes plans to get them back together. Will her scheming unite them at last or drive them apart forever?

Free At Last by Donna Every

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