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Part of the Turtle Tracks Family series of fun, fact-filled books. This is the 7th book in a series designed to raise environmental awareness while encouraging children to have fun while learning. The author is also an artist and has illustrated each of her books using watercolour and pen. Unique plush toys of the main characters have been created by the author and are available with each book in the series. ‘Discussion Facts’ offer additional information to older children and adults and are a useful teaching aid.  Join Hug the monkey on his adventure set in Barbados.

Monkey Mischief The tale of a Barbados green monkey and his family

Hug has a loving family and enjoys life in the trees in a big garden where Chips, the rescue dog, barks at him and the other monkeys. With the birth of his baby sister, Hug is upset and when a big storm comes he finds himself blown away, lost and alone. Can he find his way home? Will he hear Chips bark again? He sets off, determined that he will!

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