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Return to The Acreage

Book 4 of The Acreage Series

by Donna Every


After the loss of his wife, James Fairfax, son of Deborah and Richard Fairfax (The Price of Freedom), decides to visit Barbados, where he was born. On arriving, he stays at The Royal Inn Boarding House where he encounters Jemima, a beautiful indentured servant. Her last benefactor had promised to buy her freedom, but he left the island without doing so and James quickly realises that Jemima sees him as a new benefactor.


Jemima has never met a man like James Fairfax and she doesn’t know how to deal with him. He seems immune to her charms and is constantly challenging her to value herself in a way that no-one ever has. She begins to want him as more than just a benefactor, but why would he choose her when the beautiful mistress of The Acreage clearly has her eyes set on him?


Mary-Ann Bailey is determined to have the young and handsome James Fairfax and is prepared to hand him The Acreage and herself on a platter. The only obstacle is her husband, Lord Samuel Bailey. James is drawn to Jemima, but Mary-Ann offers the opportunity to bring The Acreage back into his family. Is he prepared to get it at any cost? Find out in this exciting fourth and final book of The Acreage series.


Return to the Acreage by Donna Every

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