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Senseisha is a collection of truly intimate, non-fiction stories written by Caribbean women. From a girl's first period to the elation of a first orgasm, Senseisha takes us on a journey of love, lust, pain and pleasure, and the ongoing internal conflict between love for God, and love for sex. Here are the lives of every day Caribbean women, including a young woman who finally finds the confidence to express her love for women to her mother, a married woman whose delightful dessert helps to sweeten up her marriage, and a woman who finds herself caught up in an abusive menage a trois. Experience intimacy only shared between close friends, where female writers aren't afraid to describe who they are and how they feel. These memoirs will make you giggle, laugh, cry, curse, coo and yes, climax!

Senseisha: Memoirs of the Caribbean Woman

ISBN: 978-976-95649-2-3

Print, Caribbean & International Rights Available

Available for Adaptation to TV/Film/Audiobook

Please contact the author (or agent if specified) to discuss obtaining rights.

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