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A book to celebrate the inspiring legacy of the Windrush pioneers.

In June 1948, hundreds of Caribbean men, women and children arrived in London on a ship called the Empire Windrush. Combining historical fact with voices from the Windrush Generation, this book sensitively tells the inspiring story of the Windrush Generation pioneers for younger readers.

Key Features:

  • Clear, engaging narrative that confident readers who enjoy facts will love
  • Easy-to-read text improves children’s knowledge of our world.
  • Beautifully illustrated throughout with a range of photos, maps and artwork to aid understanding and heighten interest in the topic.
  • Helpful glossary to build vocabulary.

The Story of Windrush by K. N. Chimbiri

Genre: Children's Prose, Middle Grade

48 Pgs. | | Pub. 2020 Scholastic

ISBN: 978-0702307133

International Rights Available

Adaptation Rights Available: Audiobook, Film & TV

Please contact the author (or agent if specified) to discuss obtaining rights.

Agent: Julia Churchill at A.M. Heath Email:

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