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This Too Will Pass

by Sonia Williams


"Sonia Williams with This too Will Pass has managed to take us totally into the emerging consciousness of a female child, into the understanding of the life of an Afro-Barbadian lower income family. We appreciate not just the process of socialisation into the culture, but also the absorption into the deeper spirituality of the group. Sonia has given us another classical portrait of a Caribbean grandmother as she stretches her cloak of protection over grandchildren, brothers, sisters-in-law, children. But this is not the usual superhuman grandmother, this one is human - she makes mistakes. This work is magical-realism; we don't want this to pass, we want more from the pen of Sonia Williams."
                     Erna Brodber Jamaican writer, sociologist, activist

This Too Will Pass by Sonia Williams

Genre: Young Adult

Pub. 2014 Caribbean Chapters Inc. | Available Print (Barbados, Caribbean, UK), Online (Amazon, Chattel House Books)

ISBN: 978-150-0492-42-7

Caribbean and International Rights Available

Available for Adaptation to TV/Film/Audiobook

Nb. The book was originally published by Caribbean Chapters but the author owns the rights to the books and is responsible for the distribution of the books currently.

Please contact the author (or agent if specified) to discuss obtaining rights.

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