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Writing for Competition: 5 reasons why you should try it.

1. Feedback. Entering a competition is a great way of gauging your abilities as a writer. Your placement in a competition lets you know how others view the quality of your writing. Many first-time writers are the recipients of awards despite their lack of experience. The acknowledgement that writers receive for their works of art often encourages them to write more. If your work is not awarded, this tells you that you have some more tweaking to do.

Writers who enter the “NIFCA Literary Arts Competition” can attend the Meet the Judges workshops which take place after the competition closes. This affords entrants the opportunity to sit with the judges and receive critical feedback on their work.

2. You could win. There are numerous benefits to winning a literary competition. You could win prizes, publication and even money. Most importantly, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your work was highly regarded.

3. Building your resume. Placement in literary competitions helps to establish you as a writer. These handles give credibility to your resume when approaching publishers and literary agents. It is also important that you list these accomplishments on your web pages and social media accounts as they may attract industry professionals who are looking for writers.

4. Practice. Competitions are a great incentive for you to practice your writing. You’ll be given a deadline and a word count. This forces you to write with a target in mind.

5. Exposure. Entering a competition ensures that your work is read. Judges for writing competitions are often accomplished writers, publishers and agents. Taking part in writing contests helps you to build a reputation amongst the writing community.

Want to enter a writing competition? You can try:

The NIFCA Literary Arts Competition

The Frank Collymore Endowment

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